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Conditions & Treatments

Arthroscopic surgery is performed through a small key hole incision using special instruments.

Joint preservation of the hip and knee is an innovative way of relieving your joint pain and that too by saving your natural knee and hip joint.

Hip & Knee joint replacement is a surgical procedure where parts of an arthritic or damaged joint are removed and replaced through a small incision

A fractured surface of the joint needs to be recreated so that pain-free, smooth movement can occur around the joint

Hip and knee injuries are very common in contact sports and most of them can be treated with very good success rates.

A complete or partial tear of ligament requires specialized care to regain full function.

Osteotomies around knee are performed to provide pain relief, correct deformity and prevent the progression of osteoarthritis.

Doctor's Advice

Know About The Doctor

He is working in the field of orthopaedic surgery since 2003. In his 15 years of speciality practice, he has developed a keen interest in the areas of KNEE and HIP surgery & now practice exclusively in these areas.

Dr Pankaj Walecha, MS (Orth)
Specialist Hip & Knee Surgeon
Consultant, Orthopedic surgeon

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I,ve gone through 2 major surgeries of my knee and wrist, both times i was opreated upon by Dr. Pankaj Walecha and i am thankful to his precision, experience and professionalism that I,ve come out of both the injuries with 100% recovery. He's an excellent doctor and I'd recommend him to anyone without a second thought
Dhruv Neyol
With almost ten years of pain and apprehension, I lived my life by sacrificing the things I liked the most. I could not stand and walk properly. Travelling, even at short distances, made my knee and foot swelled every time. The dislocation of patella, thrice in ten years, made my life very difficult. I decided to visit the best doctor and I found Dr. Pankaj Walecha. There were days when I found myself helpless and dependent because of the Medial Patellofemoral Ligament (MPFL) tear. With the valuable supervision of Dr. Pankaj and his fantastic team, there is no other place to go for arthroscopic surgery. Few days after the surgery, I had full range of motion. The thought of paying attention to my knee doesn’t even cross my mind now. Not only me, but many of my relatives and friends have also come highly satisfied after visiting him. When I look back, I feel it was one of the best moments of my life when I came to know about Dr. Pankaj Walecha, as he is the reason behind all the joy and fun in my life. I’m so grateful to him for all he has done for me. With sincere appreciation,
Nitya Dhingra
After 6 + years of pain, many years of not being able to do the things I love, and after consultations with 3 different orthopaedic surgeons, I found Dr. Pankaj Walecha. Dr Walecha explained every aspect of the problem in details besides the good results of the surgical procedure called Total Knee replacement. I'll have to admit I was fearful and after lot of thinking I finally made the choice of surgery & It was the best decision I ever made. Thank you, Dr. Walecha, and his team for being so caring, friendly, professional, and proficient. I am absolutely THRILLED with the results of the total knee replacements and have had not one regret in having both knees replaced. It is SOOOO nice to stand 5’6” tall again, and many friends have commented on the wonderful change in my walk. Its been more than six years that the pain on my face is totally gone & I am living a very happy & comfortable life now. It is with great pride that I recommend Dr. Walecha and his team to every person who is concerned about accurate diagnosis, quality surgery and minimal downtime.
Mrs Pushpa Jakhar
I had undergone Total Hip Replacement (THR) surgery of left & right hips in the year 2010 & 2012 due to AVASCULAR NECROSIS leading to ADVANCED ARTHRITIS in both my hip joints. Before surgery, I could hardly move my legs and my routine life was totally disturbed due to severe pain. After surgeries which were performed by Dr Pankaj Walecha, I am leading a perfect normal life and driving every day to my office which is about 30 KMs one way. The beauty of the treatment is in the fact that no body can make out about these major surgeries unless I inform an individual as my movement is near perfect. I Thank you & your team for giving me absolutely professional treatment.
Capt. S N Suri