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Monday        :  11.00AM – 08.00PM
Tuesday        :  11.00AM – 02.00PM
Wednesday  :  11.00AM – 8.00PM
Thursday      :  11.00AM – 02.00PM
Friday            : 11.00AM – 02.00PM
Saturday       :  11.00AM – 8.00PM

Sunday – Closed

Consultation timings

Monday        :  11.00AM – 02.00PM & 5.30PM-7.30PM
Tuesday        :  11.00AM – 02.00PM
Wednesday  :  11.00AM – 02.00PM & 5.30PM-7.30PM
Thursday      :  11.00AM – 02.00PM
Friday            : 11.00AM – 02.00PM
Saturday       :  11.00AM – 02.00PM & 5.30PM-7.30PM

Sunday – Closed

Conditions & Treatments

Arthroscopic surgery is performed through a small key hole incision using special instruments.

Joint preservation of the hip and knee is an innovative way of relieving your joint pain and that too by saving your natural knee and hip joint.

Hip & Knee joint replacement is a surgical procedure where parts of an arthritic or damaged joint are removed and replaced through a small incision

A fractured surface of the joint needs to be recreated so that pain-free, smooth movement can occur around the joint

Hip and knee injuries are very common in contact sports and most of them can be treated with very good success rates.

A complete or partial tear of ligament requires specialized care to regain full function.

Osteotomies around knee are performed to provide pain relief, correct deformity and prevent the progression of osteoarthritis.

Doctor's Advice

Know About The Doctor

He is working in the field of orthopaedic surgery since 2003. In his 15 years of speciality practice, he has developed a keen interest in the areas of KNEE and HIP surgery & now practice exclusively in these areas.

Dr Pankaj Walecha, MS (Orth)
Specialist Hip & Knee Surgeon
Consultant, Orthopedic surgeon

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I suffered a complete grade IV ACL Tear in my knee joint. I was operated by Dr Pankaj Sir and his team. Dr. Pankaj Sir is extremely professional in work ethics and at the same time gives off such a friendly and positive vibe. From instructing how to walk to using the washroom, his down to earth charm and eagerness to provide the best possible recovery never ceases to impress me. I am completely satisfied with the results and am leading a healthy and active life. I strongly believe and blindly trust sir, for all orthopaedic issues. For me and my family, Dr Pankaj Sir will always be our go to person and the safest hands around for orthopaedic issues.
Saransh Agarwal
My Father In Law had his knee surgery done by Dr. Walecha in 2017. He is a meticulous doctor who understands his profession so deeply. Dr. Walecha was kind enough to take all the time to answer all of our questions patiently. Even after 3 years of the surgery, he is still very responsive if we need his time for a regular check up or any other queries we may have. The after care is handled extremely well by him and he doesn't forget his patients. My FIL recovered nicely under his supervision. I would definitely recommend Dr. Walecha for his services.
Neha Khandpur
Dr Pankaj Walecha - The name for me equals confidence,compassion,care, perfection and trust all rolled into one. Right from the moment when I met him for the first time, I was so confident that I was in the safest hands possible. The way, he takes care of the minutest details is just not humanly possible. Throughout my treatment, I felt as if my parents are taking care of me. Thanks a lot sir for everything. Note: My surgery was for Acetabulam Fracture
Mr Gupta
I suffered a grade 3 Anterior Cruciate Ligament(ACL) tear and a partially torn lateral meniscus tear while playing football.My left knee became unstable and it started to gave out on me.I lost confidence on my left knee and it felt that even if I put a small amount of body weight on my left knee,then it would not be able to support me.I was suffering from so much pain back then until I was treated by Doctor Pankaj Walecha. He could easily make out the injury that I suffered even before the MRI and X-RAY.He has great surgical skills and was very encouraging through my recovery period.I can trust both my knees only because of him.
pranit shah
On 29th August last year, I twisted my knee in a basketball game in the very first quarter, but what was worse was that I went in again to play and ended up injuring my knee even more. Being the captain of the team and getting injured in the very beginning of the season was very devastating. Having seen many players go through similar situations in the past, only made me more anxious. Having Dr. Pankaj as my doctor and surgeon was the only thing that made this process easy and fun for me. All my worries just shooed away the moment I consulted Dr. Pankaj. That’s because of his approach towards his patients. Unlike many doctors who rush through their patients. Sir, patiently listens and interacts with them to help them build their confidence in the process. He not only made me comfortable with my situation but also ensured my progress. I am so glad to have gotten my Acl Reconstruction Surgery done by Dr. Pankaj. He has always supported me morally. From the minute I walked into his clinic last year till today, Dr. Pankaj makes sure to follow up my progress. I wholeheartedly thank Sir and his entire team for helping me get through this with ease. It’s been a whole year now and I am back on the court, all thanks to Dr.Pankaj.
Surreet Kaur
Dr Walecha rocks.. he operated me on the wrist and ankle.. and, inspite of the implants - i can function like anybody would.. If you ever ( wish you never ) need a surgery, he's the man !!
Rahul Singh